The Fragrant Frangipani

Frangipani, the ocean, the beach, the smell of summer. 

Seeing the beach and ocean for the very first time.

A young child from the country, staying with my aunt and cousins at the family's holiday unit.

The unit, overlooking the lagoon at Manly. The shallows of the lagoon near the bridge, perfect for us as small children to play.

The sun sparkling on the water, the squeals and splashing,

Walking along the lagoon, under the old wooden bridge, out onto Manly beach.

One day Dad carried me out into the surf. It made me scared, I was not a strong swimmer.  Although I love the beach, I still don't like getting out of my depth .

The frangipani tree limbs hang over fences that back onto the Manly lagoon and the pretty flowers drop to the ground.  Experiencing their exotic fragrance for the very first time. I loved picking up the blossoms and inhaling their heady perfume.

There are two frangipani trees where I live now. One in our yard and one with limbs hanging over the fence from next door . Their flowers and perfume still delight as the sun brings back memories and the fragrance of summer.


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