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The Hidden Jacaranda

Late spring train journeys around Sydney are special.  A haze of purple - blue flowers burst into life across the suburbs as far as we can see. A simple trip becoming a visual feast. 

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The Stunning Moreton Bay Fig

Catch the train to Circular Quay. A short walk around the quay, past the Opera House and you are in the Botanic Garden. Shady spots are easy to find and soon you will be taking in views across Sydney Harbour. Among the many trees, the Moreton Bay figs stand out, with their large sprawling raised roots and dense wide foliage. Children laugh and play happily among the roots and climb on the low lying branches.

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The Fragrant Frangipani

The frangipani tree limbs hang over fences that back onto the Manly lagoon and the pretty flowers drop to the ground.  Experiencing their exotic fragrance for the very first time. I loved picking up the blossoms and inhaling their heady perfume.

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