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Features of a Great Tote Bag

A great tote bag is essential for everybody on the run. With lots to carry, the tote keeps all your groceries and goodies in one place. You need a good size tote bag but not so large that it becomes too heavy when full. Better to divide the weight between a couple of bags than risk shoulder or hand injury.

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What Makes Great Art?

Art works create interaction between the viewer and the work. Within that space a wide range of feelings can be produced.  Any number of universal human emotions can be experienced, depending on the work.

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Bondi Homestyle's Money Saving Tips

Please go to our collections page if you would like to download a free PDF copy of the blog. Top 3 Money Saving Tips. Tip 1. Spend Less Than You Earn.   The number one rule for saving. Sounds simple, right? It is simple. Anyone can spend less than they earn and you can too. I am going to show you how. “How can I possibly do that ?” you ask. Maybe you have too little income, too many bills and no money left to save. Perhaps you have a good income but spend lots of money on lifestyle and have nothing left for savings. We can all come up with reasons not to save. We can all convince ourselves...

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