What Makes Great Art?

What Makes a Great Work of Art ?
Art creates interaction between viewer and work. Within that space a wide range of feelings are produced. 
Any number of universal human emotions may be experienced, depending on the work.
A great work has the ability to evoke at least one of the universal emotions.
We may feel happy or surprised when interacting with a work. Anger or contempt can also be experienced. Fear and disgust can be felt when interacting with  a confronting work. We can feel great sadness when experiencing certain works.
Great works are well executed, regardless of the medium used. Works of art are presented in many ways using a multitude of techniques. Much skill is required to execute an exceptional work
A third feature of great works is that they are memorable. The memory of the work lasts long after it has been experienced.
So there you have it! A great work of art evokes feelings, is well executed and memorable.
What is your view on the characteristics of great art?

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