Features of a Great Tote Bag

A great tote is essential for everybody on the run. With lots to carry, the tote keeps all your groceries and goodies in one place.

You need a good size bag but not so large that it becomes too heavy when full. Better to divide the weight between a couple of bags than risk shoulder or hand injury.

It's easy to grab an overfull bag, especially when going from the car into your home. Those short distances add up over time. Stay mindful of the weight in your bags. 

Handles are where the weight is carried, so you need soft padded handles. Long handles are ideal so you can alternate carrying the bag on your shoulder or arm. Avoid bags with overly short handles.

A durable and eco - friendly main material is preferable. Look for natural fibers. You need to weigh this aspect up with the need for some water proofing inside the bag.  I cannot find a natural water proofing material for the inside of totes though that would be great to see.

Multi purpose is an excellent feature in totes. Choose one which meets lots of needs. A great tote can easily switch from grocery bag, to beach bag, from picnic bag to overnight bag. Look for a style that will suit lots of occasions.Think about how the tote could be used and imagine using it in various ways.

Can you think of any other important features?


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