Top 3 Money saving Tips for Clothing


Clothing is a major expense. Always look for clothing items on sale. It's best to know how much the item cost originally since clothing tends to be continually "on sale". Sometimes though, it is not discounted from a true original price.

The second important point is to look for items that  match clothes and shoes you already have. How many times have you bought a great skirt or top only to realize when you get home that you have "nothing " to go with it! Don't let this be you!. Once you start making sure to mix and match you will soon have a coordinated wardrobe without even trying. 

Quality clothing is more expensive initially but it lasts and looks better for longer. Look for classics, the timeless types of items like crisp white blouses, the little black dress or a fabulous jacket. Use accessories such as scarves, hair clips and  jewellery. Look for the latest styles and colours for a contemporary and modern look.

Saving money and cutting down on landfill sounds like a win/win don't you agree? :)

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