Top 3 Money Saving Tips for Transport

Costs for transport are huge. When seeking a place to live, make sure it is close to public transport. If you can walk to work, even better! 

Use public transport as your first choice whenever possible. Sometimes, depending on where you live, walking or catching public transport may not be possible or desirable. The weather conditions or social situation may cause public transport to not always be the best option.

If you need to use your car, limit it's use and plan ahead. Plan family appointments and sporting activities to limit using the car so much.

We don't have to jump in the car every time we need or want something!

Plan and limit your grocery shopping trips. Do a big shop once a week or try to spread it out to ten days. In between, walk to the shop for other needs or if that is not possible wait until you need to use the car again. 

Why not walk to the gym, yoga or exercise class if possible?

Just think about the areas that would suit you .

With a little planning you will soon find extra savings!


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