Amy Traeger "Sun it Rises"

Amy Traeger "Sun it Rises"

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Hot nights turn into hot mornings as summer in Australia reaches it's sweltering high point.
Inspired by twenty degree sun rises in the peak of the Australian summer, Amy's work captures the relentless heat of summer.

Don't wait, only one of this original work is available. 

Enjoy your very own original art work or give something very special to a loved one.

The work is one of a kind, completely unique and signed by the artist.

Only the highest quality alcohol ink and paper is used.The work is treated with UV protectant so it will not fade with time.

The painting is unframed ready for you to choose your own frame. A white frame would suit this beautiful work and would not detract from it's vividness. A mat finish is best on your frame. Choose a frame with an A 4 opening.

The painting comes without a frame.

Copyright mark is not present on the actual painting.

 Materials: coloured alcohol ink on paper 

 Size: 210 x 297 mm (A 4 size)